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Senior Front End Developer

About Me

I'm a front end software developer with more than six years of experience transforming complex designs and feature specs into pixel-perfect web experiences. I enjoy working at the forefront of technology and am currently excited about React and the waves it's making on the web, mobile apps, and in headless commerce.

Working with a number of high profile clients, I take part in the entire lifecycle of a project from planning to execution to launch and maintenance. I'm passionate about design and clean code, and tend to view myself as a perfectionist because I believe that small details make a lasting impression on users.

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Front End Development

Front End Development




Senior Developer

Rightpoint is a global experience company offering customer and employee experience transformation, UX/UI design, and ecommerce. As a senior developer certified in both Shopify Plus and Adobe Commerce, I work closely with high-profile clients to build attractive front-end experiences.

Adobe Commerce Front End Developer certification

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My Work

A showcase including a few of the key projects that I've worked on both professionally and in my own spare time.

At Rightpoint, I'm currently focused on the world of ecommerce - building custom storefronts for enterprise-level clients using React, TypeScript, Redux, and more.

Some of my personal achievements include contributing to open-source projects such as:

Check out my GitHub for more of my projects.


Point-of-Sale Integration

Developed an innovative POS checkout flow by integrating a physical credit card reader with a prominent furniture company's existing ecommerce website. This solution transformed the showroom floor by offering a new, customer-friendly payment experience.



Product Launch Website

Was part of a team that built a headless ecommerce store used to launch a Fortune 100 company's exciting new product. It was built with reusable AEM React components, a custom checkout, and involved communicating with middleware using GraphQL.


Side Projects

Carbon Design System

Contributed to IBM's Carbon Design System. This included fixing bugs as well as adding new component variants such as ghost and tertiary buttons.

ReactStorybookDesign Systems


Headless B2B Website Migration

Was part of a team that migrated the front end for a global B2B company's Page Builder blocks off of Adobe Commerce and to an entirely headless architecture. This included building a custom component library and checkout flow that integrates with Adobe Commerce.

ReactReduxTypeScriptUnit Testing


Photo Upload Personalization Tool

Developed a tool to upload and edit custom photos within a product personalization app. After being introduced as a new offering, it led to a 3x increase in conversion rates for the affected products.



Adobe Illustrator Automation

Automated data-entry processes within Adobe Illustrator through the use of JavaScript. This allowed for a much more efficient and streamlined printing process for personalized designs.

JavaScriptAdobe Illustrator